About Us

We are a small team of individuals based out of Bozeman, Montana, with a passion for travel and vehicle-based adventure. Having been to many different kinds of events in the overland and offroad genres, we started to wonder why there wasn’t anything going on in the Northern Rockies. Montana is an incredible place with unlimited adventure potential, yet it is vastly underrepresented.

Montana’s outdoor recreation and tourism industries are growing steadily. A beautiful state with 2 National Parks, massive amounts of public land, dirt roads for days, and a growing population of outdoor enthusiasts (not to mention all the visitors!), Montana is the perfect place to bring locals and travelers together in a large-scale event such as the Big Sky Overland Rally.

We wanted to create an event that reflected our passion and commitment to the state of Montana- the people and the landscape. We want people to come away from it with a greater connection to the overlanding and outdoor communities, the skills and support to have the adventures they want to have, and some awesome memories. We also want to support to our fantastic local businesses and environmental non-profits.

Really, though, we just wanted an excuse to have a good time, see some cool rigs, meet some awesome people and share with you the awesome place we call home.