Introducing our Lead Instructor, Bob Wohlers, Owner of Off-Road Safety Academy!

Bob is the lead trainer at the Big Sky Overland Rally. The training clinics he will deliver at the Rally are very popular and typically draw large crowds at other overlanding events. If you want to feel more comfortable off-roading in the remote backcountry, make sure you attend.

Bob is first and foremost an outdoor adventurer. Simply put, he’s a “surf and turf” kind of guy. Regarding the “surf” aspect, for 32 years Bob created curricula and invented training methodologies for PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. PADI is the largest scuba diving certification agency in world, plus it is the envy of most recreational instructor organizations. He is well respected in the SCUBA industry as a training innovator.

For the “turf” aspect, Bob has been an avid off-roader his entire life. He knows the “zen” and “fine art” of safe and environmentally responsible off-road driving. Bob has overlanded across the USA, in Egypt, Israel, all over Mexico and Baja, and Belize. Bob now runs full time his company Off-Road Safety Academy. He teaches government, corporate, and recreational off-roading. He has taught National Park Rangers and science personnel how to off-road safety throughout the Southwest. Some of his corporate clients include AT&T and T-Mobile.

With a master’s degree in instructional design from the California State University at Dominquez Hills and a secondary teaching credential from the University of California, Irvine, Bob knows how to efficiently and clearly transfer knowledge, proper attitudes, and skills to those wishing to learn the fine art of ecologically friendly, safety-based off-roading. Bob is an educator – not JUST a teacher. He knows HOW to put together effective, efficient, and engaging clinics for important long-term memory retention.

Bob is the 4X4 Training Columnist for OutdoorX4 Magazine and conducts training clinics at multiple off-road and overland events. He has written four books on safe off-roading. Two books are published and can be purchased on his website or Amazon:

Bob’s third book will be available by the time the Big Sky Overland Rally meets: The Total Approach to Getting Unstuck Off-Road – 4WD Self-Recovery & Vehicle-Assisted Recovery.

To see the classes offered by Bob Wohlers and our other instructors, click here.

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